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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  July 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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definition is because my third grade teacher says if you look up a word you'll never forget it, but if you tell a person a word, they will forget it. follow her instructions. again, thanks for watching us. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight on the war in the mideast. with israel taking heat for civilian casualties, we are now hearing about a new plan for a humanitarian cease-fire. and getting dramatic new video tonight that shows what the israelis are up against. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. after 24 straight days of rocket attacks from hamas and air strikes from israel, we have word that both sides are prepared now to take a three-daybreak for humanitarian purposes. though israel is permitted under the deal to continue defensively trying to shut down those tunnels being used by hamas to launch terror attacks inside of its country. this announcement comes as the administration here today
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slammed the israelis for scenes like this. a school in gaza, which the u.n. says was hit by israeli munitions, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 20 civilians. it was the third attack on a school in just about a week. but israel tonight is pushing back pointing to new video like this. here the israeli defense forces discover a stockpile of weapons in the entrance of one of hamas' infamous secret tunnels all inside of what is purported to be a house of worship. and the israelis we spoke with pointed "the kelly file" to a whole series of videos that have not been seen on american television. they show the uphill battle for israel's military. trace gallagher has more on that. >> much of about what about to see is from the perspective of hamas beginning with the subject of human shields. we know that israeli policy has
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long been to drop warning leaflets, even make warning phone calls to residential areas that are abotargeted. in response here's what hamas says. >> translator: we call on our palestinian people, particularly the residents of northwest gaza, not to obey what is written in the pamphlets distributed by the israeli occupation army. we call on them to remain in their homes and disregard their demands to leave however serious the threat may be. >> and when they stayed and died, hamas praises the policy as an effective propaganda tactic. listen. >> translator: also, this policy reflects the character of our brave, courageous people. we in hamas call upon our people to adopt this policy in order to protect palestinian homes. >> then to increase the effectiveness of the policy and increase the likelihood that certain areas are targeted, hamas stores and fires rockets from densely populated areas. you've no doubt heard israel
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being rowdily krit sighed for attacking hospital in gaza. but have you seen the israeli defense forces video of muzzle flashes from snipers using the hospital as a command center. and listen to israeli defense calling to make sure the hospital was not housing patients and doctors. >> translator: are you positive there is no one at the wafa hospital? >> translator: no, no one is there. >> translator: you're positive no injured people are there? >> translator: there's hospital equipment, but no injured people. >> stockpiles of hamas rockets have also been found in three united nations schools. u.n. secretary ban ki-moon writes, quoting here, those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets, and endangering the lives of innocent children, u.n. employees working in such facilities and anyone using the u.n. schools as shelter. israel says its primary goal is to take out hamas tunnels. this is rare video of what those
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tunnels look like, well-built and well-camouflaged. and in the video hamas brags about the number of missions they've conducted inside israel to attack or kidnap israeli citizens. they conclude the tunnels are a success. again, megyn, it's a different perspective that just happens to be from hamas. >> trace, thank you. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon today called this attack unjustifiable, the one they say israel effected on a school in hamas, a shelter. and said there is nothing more shameful than attacking sleeping children. white house press secretary josh earnest today shared a similar message. >> it does not appear there's a lot of doubt about who's artillery was involved in this incident. that is why we have continued to urge israeli military officials to live up to their high standards that they have set for the protection of innocent
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civilians. there's clearly more that can and should be done to ensure the safety of innocent civilians. this shelling of a u.n. facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible. >> earlier this evening i spoke with the israeli ambassador to the united states, ron durmer, about this. let's start with the white house saying this action by israel inadvertent though it may have been of shelling this u.n. school was totally indefensible. do you defend it? >> absolutely i defend it, megyn, because no one knows the facts. whether you're sitting in washington as the white house press secretary or sitting in new york or somewhere else, you don't know the facts about what happened. yu don't know if we had 50 soldiers in the line of fire and they were responding to people targeting them and maybe saved a
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lot of soldiers lives in the process. we just don't know all the facts. the rush to judgment that takes place on israel, that's what i think is totally unacceptable. we had a case two days ago -- three days ago, where we had two attacks. one on a hospital in gaza and one on a refugee camp where a number of children were killed. and obviously everyone is moved by pictures of children being killed, but there was a rush to judgment on israel and nbc reporter said this was an israeli drone strike. turns out that those people were killed, both of those attacks, came from rockets that were fired by islamic jihad in gaza. they misfired, they hit the hospital and they hit the refugee camp. so i think people should not rush to any judgment, never say an action is indefensible unless you know all the facts. we still don't know all the facts in israel. we know that terrorists were firing at us very close to that school. we know that we engaged them. we know they were firing mortars at our soldiers. i don't know all the facts. we'll do an investigation as we always do, let all the facts come in. but i can assure you, megyn, no
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military in the history of the world has done more to take the civilians of the other side out of harm's way than israel. this is happening when two-thirds of the israeli population, the equivalent of over 200 million americans is in a bomb shelter. ask critics, if 200 million americans were in bomb shelters and you had a fallujah in southern canada or northern mexico, do you think you would use less force than israel is using now? >> is the white house guilty then of rushing to judgment? because they said it's pretty clear whose artillery was found in that school. >> well, i don't know. it might have been israeli artillery. i'm not saying that it's not. i'm saying i don't know. but to say an action is indefensible means you understand the context of the decision making. i know we don't deliberately target that school. but i don't know if the decision to fire back at those who are firing at us may have actually saved dozens of soldiers lives. i don't know that. until there's an investigation, no one knows that. so i can't say it's indefensible because i don't know the facts.
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once we get the facts, we'll sit down. i can assure you, megyn, having been in the war room with the israeli prime minister can tell you no country does more to take the civilians of the other side out of harm's way. we are facing an enemy as your videos just showed that uses mosques, schools and hospitals and uses their own people as human shields. >> let's speak to that because the white house also said that clearly more can and should be done by israel. do you agree with that? to protect civilians. >> i don't know what that means. i know we're upholding the highest standards. if there's a specific case and a specific action that people will tell me that if they were faced with a similar situation, if you had 200 million americans in bomb shelters as rockets were going in, as a president or prime minister were going down to a bomb shelter that you would take different action, use less forceful action. i would like to see that. >> they say the u.n. warned israel 17 times that the coordinates where this school is located, that they had 3,000
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displaced gazans in there seeking shelter from their homes, israel was told 17 times the coordinate of that u.n. school and yet still it was hit. >> i don't know that's a fact. but i'm not doubting it. maybe it's true. but maybe, megyn, let's say there are 50 american soldiers and say the same thing is true there's a u.n. school. and let's say if the military does not respond, an antitank rocket is going to hit your soldiers and kill 50 american soldiers. would you want your soldiers to respond and save their lives? i don't know the facts. we'll do an investigation. we do not target u.n. schools. unfortunately u.n. schools have been used to store rockets. this is what people should be outraged about. >> we know that. that's clear and the evidence has shown that repeatedly and the u.n. even admits that. talk about what we're seeing now with respect to these children. i mean, the pictures, you have to admit, ambassador, they're heart wrenching seeing these babies bloody. >> absolutely. >> i think americans look at that and even the staunchest defenders of israel say, all
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right, this is tough to stomach. >> i agree with you. it's heart wrenching for me, megyn. i feel the same way about those pictures as you do. i think there's real suffering going on in gaza. the question is who's responsible for that suffering? there's outrage and should be outrage when you have dead children. the question is who is that outrage directed at? is it directed at israel for defending itself for trying to surgically strike for dealing with an enemy that uses human shields? or is that outrage directed at hamas? if we are going to stop this cycle of using human shields, the world has to be outraged with hamas. the u.n. secretary general has to get up and say this is wrong. the u.n. organization that operates in gaza has to say, hamas, stop putting rockets in our schools. or else what we're going to have is again and again hamas use this tactic over and over again because it works. if we want to stop it, the world has to turn against them. >> the u.n. spokesman, this executive official gave an interview to al jazeera and
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broke down discussing the deaths he'd seen in the u.n. facility and seemed to place the blame squarely on israel. i want to show the viewers a little of what i'm talking about and then i'll ask you about it. this is an official with the u.n. group that's running these shelters and schools. why do they blame israel? >> why does the u.n. blame israel? you only have an hour show. we can do it for 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. look, anyone should be moved by the pictures. i have no problem with people being moved. i have no problem with the media showing the pictures. the question is the pictures to the pressure. we just had a decision by a u.n. human rights organization that sits in geneva of 1,700 word
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document. you should read it and see what's in the document. it's a litany of condemnation about israel. not a word about hamas and half a sentence on rocket attacks. we do not have a force standing for human rights in the world today. that is the problem. a force that would stand for human rights today would tell hamas that its use of children and women and civilians as human shields is an abomination. >> last question. there was an article in the daily beast today entitled, israel is mining the next generation of hate. and the concern being raised more and more it seems about what's going to happen to these children when they're grown and whether this circumstance we're seeing today is going to come back to haunt israel, perhaps america and israel's allies as these children have to find a channel for the anger they're probably developing right now. >> look, that's always used in confronting terrorism. you can always say if you kilter riss you're going to create more. i can tell you the biggest danger is terrorism should win. if it wins in one theater, it will win in many.
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the reason why you have a generation develop this kind of hatred is that they're poisoned from a very, very young age. when children are taught in school to hate jews, to hate america, to hate christians, that's what creates a generation of hatred. those around the world who are concerned about the future should take a stand against palestinian palestinian incitement. that's how we'll solve this problem and hopefully build a peaceful future for israelis and palestinians alike. >> ambassador, thanks for being here. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> we're taking your thoughts on twitter and we have breaking news on what threatens to be an ugly political crisis. dr. charles krauthammer is here on whether a new fight between the white house and republicans over immigration is about to do permanent damage to our politics in our country. plus, "the kelly file" confirming that a patient infected with ebola is headed to an american hospital. we will speak with an infectious disease expert trained in
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outbreaks like this one about what that means. and up next, new concerns that the irs is targeting churches now. churches. that's next. >> every american ought to fear when the federal government sets up bureaucrats to sensor what their pastor can and cannot say from the pulpit. you make a gre.
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developing tonight, new concerns the irs may have promised an atheist organization that it will now aggressively target churches. the tax agency just signing a secret settlement agreement with the freedom from religion foundation, which accused the irs of being too soft on churches when it comes to allegedly political speech. the irs refuses to disclose what's in that agreement. joining me now, jay christian adams former justice department attorney and legal editor of pj media. so basically this atheist group said why should churches have tax exempt status if they're going to be playing politics from the pulpit. and the irs said, looks like they said, we agree, and the law doesn't allow that and we're going to go after them more aggressively. do i have that right? >> you pretty much do, megyn. but what most americans don't realize is there's this very anti-religious agenda going on. and this cooperation with the irs and freedom from religion
6:18 pm
foundation is part of it. what they're really trying to do, megyn, is rebrand theology as politics. and as much as some folks don't like it, issues like abortion, gay marriage, these are theological issues. and these are issues that the catholic church, churches around the country take theological stances on. but this organization, this atheist organization, doesn't want churches talking about this and urging action from the pulpit. so here comes the irs. and the irs is going to target as part of a stepped up investigative tactic churches. i'm sure with the cooperation of the freedom from religion foundation. it's just part of this militant anti-religious organization's broader agenda. >> they say it's not fair because they say other tax exempt organizations aren't allowed to preach politics so why should a church be allowed to do it. apparently a law says these churches are not allowed to engage in political campaign activity. they can push issues, but they
6:19 pm
can't explicitly endorse candidates or push political campaigns. and these preachers in some instances, chris, have been trying to violate that provision to sort of taunt the irs into, i dare you to come after me. we have video of some of they will them saying go vote for mitt romney or whoever because they want to test whether this law is constitutional. >> well, that does happen. they certainly have a right to speak. the question is whether they have tax exempt status. but, megyn, understand groups like the freedom from religion foundation, they don't like what churches say about other issues. they don't like what churches say about adoption, about same-sex marriage, about abortion. you can see that at their website what they believe is not just don't endorse mitt romney. it's a much broader anti-religious agenda. they're going to get a receptive
6:20 pm
audience at this irs who has a very broad skillset of targeting people at one end of the political spectrum. you're going to see more of that shortly i suspect. >> where were they when we heard things like this from reverend wright. >> we bombed hiroshima! we bombed nagasaki! and we bombed more than thousands in new york and we never batted an eye. because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yards. america's chickens are coming home to roost. >> is that over the line? >> yeah. some of the folks at the irs probably sent a donation after hearing that. i mean, look, this is not the sort of thing that the government ought to be getting involved in. the churches are supposed to be free in this country, whether you like it or not, to speak to theological questions. when government gets involved,
6:21 pm
bad things happen. churches lose liberty. and so reverend wright's a complete nut case, but the irs obviously didn't do anything about it because the irs has a political point of view. we see this all the time with lois lerner. every time an e-mail comes out she's telling you what she really thinks. and she's not alone. >> yes, we saw that yesterday. and what she really thinks is a lot of republicans are a bunch of bleep holes. j christian adams, good to see you. leave it on that classy note. breaking news on the white house, republicans and an ugly new fight over illegal immigration. charles krauthammer is here on whether this battle is about to change this country. and one very strange suspect has stepped forward to claim credit for hoisting a white flag on top of the brooklyn bridge. wait until you see who it is. and the house intelligence committee today released its findings on what went wrong in the benghazi terror attack. that report when we come back. n.
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"the kelly file" follow-up now on the mystery of who switched two american flags flying on top of the brooklyn bridge with two bleached out white flags. we're now learning pro-marijuana anti-government activist reverend bud green is claiming he and members of his group, the new pot party, not to be confused with the old pot party, were responsible for the flag switch. green gained a small amount of fame on the 1980s talk show circuit. take a look. >> smoke the bud and overthrow the government. >> does he seem like he could have gotten that done? the nypd so far not buying green's claims. tell us what you think. go to facebook or let me know on
6:26 pm
twitter. developing tonight, nearly two years after the terrorist attack in benghazi that killed four americans including our ambassador, the house intelligence committee today completed its report on this attack. although not public yet, fox news got an inside look at some of the findings in this report courtesy of our fox news chief white house correspondent. >> thank you, megyn. chairman of the house intelligence committee says hillary clinton's state department has more explaining to do. >> i think clearly the state department portion of this needs a further review. somebody made decisions at least in some way contributed to the death of four americans in that chain of command on the security side. >> while the state department and then-secretary of state clinton in her 2013 congressional testimony said the decisions were made by mid-level managers. >> the specific security requests pertaining to benghazi, you know, were handled by the security professionals in the department. i didn't see those requests.
6:27 pm
they didn't come to me. i didn't approve them. i didn't deny them. >> as improvised bombs blew up the consulate's perimeter walls, republicans point to state department cables in mrs. clinton's name with the draw down of security. building a timeline to identify gaps including the president's schedule that night, a senior democrat confirmed on fox news today that he was at the white house. >> no, it was not debate prep. >> can you tell us what the president was doing that evening? >> i don't know. i don't believe i saw the president that evening. i'll have to go check my records. but i go over to the white house all the time. and i don't, you know, almost all ft discussions i have are about domestic policy. that's been my forte. >> and the ranking democrat on the benghazi select committee today says that he criticized the intelligence committee report because it was another example according to elijah cummings of a republican committee issuing a statement
6:28 pm
and transcripts two months after they were passed over by speaker boehner to investigate this controversial assault, megyn. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. we have breaking news next on a growing showdown between the white house and republicans over the crisis at our southern border. there are late developments on this tonight. and charles krauthammer is here right after the break on the possible fallout. and this could get big mpkts plus, chilling new details about an american-born suicide bomber and how he managed to leave a terror training camp and catch a plane right to florida. plus, "the kelly file" confirming a patient infected with ebola, extremely deadly disease, is headed to an american hospital. we will speak with an infectious disease expert trained in outbreaks like this one. >> on ebola i know there have been high-level talks to do something about possibly bringing americans or workers that have been exposed out of there. can you address that a little bit? vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite
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breaking tonight, new developments in a washington showdown that could explode into a very ugly political crisis. for months we have heard growing warnings from the right and the left about the president's use of executive power and his habit of going around congress. >> agree entirely that the president cannot simply refuse to enforce a law for personal reasons. >> the center of gravity is shifting and that makes it unstable. there could be no greater danger for individual liberty. >> if the people come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws and they will conclude that neither are they. >> as james madison warned centuries ago in federalist number 47, the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands may justly be pronounced the very definition
6:33 pm
of tyranny. >> well, the house yesterday voted to proceed with a lawsuit designed to challenge the president's aggressive use of his pen and his phone. and it didn't take 24 hours for the white house to send a response announcing it would issue a new executive order. continuing the kind of bare knuckled political brawling that a young senator from illinois once promised to overcome. >> there is not a liberal america and a conservative america. there is the united states of america. there is not a black america and a white america and latino america and asian america. there's the united states of america. >> late today the potential showdown got one step closer to critical mass when republicans could not round up enough votes to pass a bill aimed at dealing with the recent surge of illegal immigrants at our southern border. the white house wanted over $3 billion, the senate seemed okay with $2 billion.
6:34 pm
the house controlled by the gop said no to $659 million. enter white house advisor dan fifer who tweeted the following "by pulling their own bill the house gop once again proves why the president must act on his own to solve problems." and the question tonight, what might that presidential solution look like? well, the president who promised to unite us, drive a huge wedge into america by granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. if he does, who gets the blame? who pays the price? and what happens to the republic as a result? dr. charles krauthammer, author of the book "things that matter" which has been on the best sellers list for nine months now, joins me with more. charles, thank you for being here. will he as reported over the weekend issue some order that will effectively grant amnesty up to 5 million illegal immigrant sns. >> well, that's the signal that the white house has been sending almost nonstop for the last
6:35 pm
couple of days. and i suspect that when september comes they will do it. to argue against it you don't have to go far field. you have the president's own words, openly, publicly, on camera repeatedly. >> we have that sound bite. not enough people are showing this to the american public, but the president said this in march of 2011 to univision. listen. >> with respect to the notion that i can just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case. there are enough laws on the books by congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system. that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president. >> it could not be anymore explicit. go ahead. >> and he has said it on many other occasions.
6:36 pm
on one other occasion where he said he is simply not allowed to do it under the constitution, he ended by saying we are a nation of laws. so were he to do now in september what he has long and repeatedly said he is constitutionally prohibited from doing, that would be a grave and irrefutable violation of his duties as president. the duty -- the constitution could not be more clear. the president swears to faithfully execute the laws. he's not allowed to make the laws. he's not allowed to change the laws. he isn't allowed to unilaterally suspend the laws, which is exactly what they're saying they are going to do. this would be a gross violation of the constitution. and he's done a whole series of these. he's done it on drug enforcement. he has done it already with immigration with the so-called dream act, where he unilaterally and lawlessly declared that if you came here as a child, you
6:37 pm
can stay. >> he did that after that sound bite we just played. and the congress didn't stop him, charles. >> right. >> so, you know, what is to stop them if he does it again? >> well, as you say, he's done it shamelessly. and the congress has been relatively supine. now, one of the things that congress has done because it doesn't want to go to impeachment and to cause a constitutional crisis is to try to bring this lawsuit which will give the house of representatives as an institution standing. in other words a right to show injury to the power of house -- >> it may. >> in a court of law. now, that will either succeed or not. i think it has a reasonable chance of at least being heard by the supreme court. and that would be a way to corral and constrain this illegal power. >> what if it doesn't? if by some miracle that plays
6:38 pm
out unusually quickly and perhaps gets thrown out for lack of standing by the house of representatives, then they've tried and failed. and now, according to andy mccarthy, former prosecutor, he says, look, they've got two other options. they can control -- they can use their power of the purse to defund his efforts, or they can impeach him. and that is, you know, the i-word has been getting a lot of play lately and not favorable. >> look, the i-word has been used mostly by democrats who are trying to gin up the money machine by s republicans are talking about. that is the last thing republicans want to do. i believe that the president legalizes millions of americans here illegally in -- and of his own declarations, that is in principle an impeachable offense. but as a practical matter there is zero chance it would be -- that the president would be impeached and convicted by the senate. and there is 100% chance that it
6:39 pm
would be political suicide for republicans and could ensure that there's a democratic successor to barack obama. so if you're being hard headed politically, and you're worried about this constitutional violation, i would say you don't impeach. that would be a terrible mistake. what you try to do is to elect a republican. remember, executive order can be reversed. and i think it would be the first order of business for a republican upon election in 2017. >> the president always says don't get mad, vote. he says i always tell people don't get mad, go out there and vote. >> that's exactly where this has to be fought out. not with impeachment, unfortunately. >> just to say for the record he only has the power, even arguably, to defer deportation. he does not have the power to wave a magic wand and say everyone is legal. he has the power to defer deportation. and that, you know, by definition could be reversed. the deferral. charles, good to see you tonight.
6:40 pm
>> pleasure, thank you. breaking just moments ago, fox news confirmed that a medical evacuation flight is headed overseas and may be returning to america with america's first ebola patient or patients. we'll look at what that means next. and chilling new developments tonight in the story of an american born suicide bomber. his training in the terror camps of syria and the frightening trip he took to florida after that. >> you think you're safe where you are in america or britain or indonesia. you think you are safe. you are not safe. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys.
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breaking tonight, we are now learning that at least one patient infected with the deadly ebola virus will be brought to the united states for treatment in a matter of days and that the medevac plane is on its first flight, the first leg of its flight, to make this happen. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts live with new developments tonight. john. >> reporter: good evening to you, megyn. sources told me earlier this evening that an air ambulance did take off from the united states about 5:00 this afternoon bound for liberia where it will pick up american medical missionary health care workers. dr. kent brantly and nurse nancy writeboll. both are gravely ill with ebola. they've been living in isolation in their homes, but apparently
6:45 pm
dr. brantly took a turn for the worse overnight. so the urgency is now onto get him back to the united states. franklin graham, son of billy graham, who's the director of samaritans purse has arranged for the center for disease control and state department to bring at least one back and maybe both end up at emory university hospital in the eastern part of atlanta. they have a special biocontainment unit there. it's a two-bed patient. so they could both be there. this is the first time an ebola case could be on american soil and prompted the cdc to issue greater warning levels to travel to africa. now, in terms of protecting the overall american population, not from these two patients but from other forms or at least other sources of ebola that may come into the country, center for disease control has an emergency
6:46 pm
operations center runs 24/7 looking for disease spikes. the word has gone out to health units, health departments and hospitals across the country. any time anybody comes in with a fever, ask where they've been and if it's africa take the investigation into the next level. this story taking a new development definitely the next day. >> the white house did not confirm this was happening yesterday, but now we know it is. john, thank you. joining me with more, a doctor trained in infectious diseases. doctor, good to see you tonight. >> hi, megyn. good to see you. >> this has been called the biggest and most complex ebola outbreak in history. it's an epidemic without precedent. so americans watch this not only out of concern for our fellow human beings but out of concern for americans as they hear that these two heroes, really, these people were trying to save lives in west africa. >> incredible. >> contracted the disease themselves and now are being flown home to the u.s. how concerned should people be? >> people shouldn't be too concerned. we have more than third world
6:47 pm
countries have. we have isolation units. in the regular hospitals that we have around the country we are very, very familiar with isolating patients with a variety of infectious disease. >> even ebola? it seems to deadly. >> not ebola. ebola is a unique virus. we've never had it on our continent. the fact it's in western africa is very important geopolitically because previous outbreaks have occurred in the central part of africa where there wasn't a lot of transportation. so you're seeing transportation with this strain of ebola virus that is going throughout western africa. >> what's to stop -- i mean, in the weeks and months prior to right now, it's got an incubation from any place of two days to three weeks. >> that's right. >> how do we know that infected people have not gotten on airplanes all over the continent and flown to europe and to the united states and may be here now? >> we simply don't know that. that's the tricky part. that's what the cdc's worried
6:48 pm
about, that's what all of us are worried about in hospitals. we're watching people with transmissable symptoms. the airports by the way, immigration authorities are very cognizant of the symptoms. >> the guys who check our bags, those are the ones we're relying on? >> those that check your passports coming in. >> that guy is supposed to be looking for ebola? >> they are looking for people who are ill. >> i'm a little worried. i've got to be honest. >> if you've been in western africa, you know you're going to be scrutinized. >> western africa is one thing. they don't know if it's somebody coming in from europe was there earlier. >> exactly. if you've flown to africa as i have, you go through europe to return to the states. that's the rule. >> how do you get it? one of those things where you're on a plane with somebody who has ebola and they have a coughing fit you're in danger? >> not in danger. you have to come in contact with the bodily fluids. blood, urine -- >> saliva. >> it's not demonstrated -- again, we don't have a lot of
6:49 pm
data on this, that somebody in an airplane if they're coughing all over you is going to give you ebola. certainly with t.b. and some of the other transmissable cases that is the case. >> when they get here they say it's a 90% fatality rate. is that true if they get here to the united states? >> once you're infected it's very difficult to keep the patients alive. almost 70% of those who are infected die. and the reason is we simply have no treatment. we hydrate patients, keep them with fluids and blood pressures as we do with patients in intensive care throughout the country. but we can't guarantee that vascular collapse will not occur. this is a very interesting virus. i had some opportunity to do some research with this virus about 20 years ago, at least it was inactivated so it wasn't infectious. and we got stories that the tissues we received came from patients who had bled internally. essentially you bleed to death. you drop your blood pressure, your vessel walls are deteriorating as a result of your immune system's attack on them. hence my interest in this as an
6:50 pm
immunologi immunologist. >> i want to tell the viewers that the two americans, dr. brantly, he's the one who took the turn for the worse. she was given an experimental serum, but they only had enough for one person. and so the male doctor, dr. brantly. >> yes. >> was still focused on the well-being of others and he asked that she get it instead of him. >> a very noble gesture. >> and he took a turn for the worse. and now these two americans are being brought back to american soil to see if they can be saved. doctor, thank you for being here. >> thank you, megyn, for having me. >> continue to follow it and stay alert. up next, chilling new details about an american-born suicide bomber. his shocking message for the u.s. and what he did after training with extremists in syria. >> you think that you killed osama bin laden do nothing. you sent him to paradise. you think you won? you have never won. we are coming for you. mark my words. did someone say burn?
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
developing tonight, chilling new video and details just released about an american who trained with al qaeda-linked fighters in syria before carrying out a deadly suicide bombing. and then reportedly came back to the u.s. after he worked with the extremists before going back out and carrying -- okay. i'm confused. he didn't come back after he carried out the attack. go ahead, trace. >> he did not, megyn. in fact, the 22-year-old reportedly came back to the united states for several months. the fbi's now in the process of figuring out where he wept and who he came in contact with while he was here. experts say this case goes to the very heart of how difficult it can be to identify radicalized americans trained by islamic militants. the national counterterrorism center estimates that more than
6:55 pm
1,000 westerners and at least 100 americans have received training in syria. moner abusahla carried his out not in the united states. he burns his passport and then speaks for more than 30 minutes about how they're coming for president obama and why he joined the jihad. listen. >> i lived in america. i know how it is. you have all the fancy amusement parks and the restaurants and food and all this crap and cars. you think you're happy. you're not happy. you're never happy. i was never happy. i was always sad and depressed. life sucked. >> that from a so-called normal kid who grew up in a gated community in florida and loved basketball. on the tape he also says good-bye to his mother, father and brother. the tape ends with video of a truck packed with explosives and
6:56 pm
then a giant explosion. abusahla bombed a syrian restaurant killing at least 15 people. >> unbelievable. trace, thanks. on a much, much lighter note. up next, a little preview for you of my late-night appearance with seth myers tonight. plus, coming up on "hannity". >> hamas is a product -- basically the muslim brotherhood, the global muslim brotherhood that hamas belongs to. actors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in twoarts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean.
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creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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don't miss late-night with
7:00 pm
seth myers tonight. here's my selfie from the green room, which is also on twitter. we talk "game of thrones" and bill o'reilly. he was a super nice guy. seth myers that is, not bill. he's a kind man, but nice -- see you tomorrow. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. new disturbing audio has surfaced of former president bill clinton from september 10, 2001 saying he once had a golden opportunity to kill osama bin laden. now, here's what he said just hours before the 9/11 terrorist attack that left 3,000 people dead. listen to this. >> he's a very smart guy, i spent a lot of time thinking about him. i nearly got him once. i nearly got him. and i could have gotten -- i could have killed him, but i would have had to destroy a little town called kandahar in


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